Tips to Install swimming pool basketball hoop in your pool

If you have been thinking to increase the excitement of your pool parties with a basketball game, buying a poolside basketball hoop is the best idea! Basketball games cannot be neglected if you are expecting the best pool parties. There are oodles of models available online that will help you make a nice selection for your poolside.

In this article, let us help you with the some of the basics of setting up a basketball hoop in the pool area of your house or commercial property. The only confusion is what type of model to choose especially when you have kids and adults at home that belong to different height and age group.

Tips to Install swimming pool basketball hoop in your pool:

  1. Floating basketball hoops:

As the name depicts, floating basketball hoops float in the pool and you can play the most fun basketball game in the pool itself. If you wish to buy these for your kids, then you will need to go for a model like AquaHoop. It is because these can be easily installed and assembled. 

  1. Portable basketball hoops:

Intended to suit the pool side demands, these hoops can be easily fixed and removed any corner of the pool. ‘Splash and Shoot’ is a better brand as it becomes more exciting with these fixed anywhere around the pool area. These have added duirability and are suitable for children, adults, and teens too!

There are plentiful of more that will help you choose the right model for your pool. Check out few things before you buy any poolside basketball hoop model. It is important to know the basics before you end up being confused on how to install the complicated ones.

What to look for whole buying a poolside basketball hoop?

  1. Age:

Check the age group that you intend to buy the hoop for. The size of the pool and depth of water may also be factors to consider so that your hoop can be adjusted accordingly. Check these when you install the hoop too.

  1. Safety standards:

Every good quality hoop comes with a book that mentions safety standards. Check these measures and ensure you follow these without damaging the product or self during the installation. Also, while buying the model, you need to look for a durable, sturdy, and good quality basketball hoop. To add more, check if the model is water and weather resistant too.

  1. Suitability:

Before you pick the model of your choice, ask the vendor if your chosen model is suitable for above ground and in-ground pools. Certain models may also be installed above ground and lack the tools for installing in the in-ground pools. Even while opening the package, check if you have all the accessories and tools to install the hoop.

  1. Height adjustment:

A good poolside basketball hoop has height adjustments that you need to understand before buying and while installing. The hoop should be able to adjust as per the height of kids, teens, and adults. Follow the guide that you receive with the product to install the hoop properly near or in your pool.

It is now time to browse online and find out more about the various poolside basketball hoops.


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