Things to Consider Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

An above ground swimming pool is less expensive to buy and easier to install than an in-ground pool. However, there are many issues you need to consider before you purchase one to ensure that it suits your family’s needs. Here are some of the key things to think about before you invest in an above ground swimming pool. We hope this guide will help you to pick the best above ground pool for your yard.

Initial planning

This is the most important part of the entire project. You’ll need to consider issues such as the size of your yard, pool design, and the best location to place the pool. Basically, the pool should be located in a sunny section of your home preferably 8 to 10 feet away from trees. It should be easy to access too. Consider decks and other extras you may need to build after installing the pool. More importantly, check your town’s regulations before you install an above ground pool. With proper planning, you’ll know the right type and size of pool you can invest in.

The pool’s frame style

Think of the frame style of the above ground pool that suits your needs before you decide to purchase one. The frame, in this case, includes plates, bottom rails, top ledges, and uprights. An above ground pool is made of steel, aluminum, resin, or a hybrid of steel and resin.

Steel is least expensive but has the disadvantage of being the heaviest of all frame materials. It is rust resistant but prone to corrosion and oxidizes faster if exposed to sunlight and saltwater. Resin is also used in the construction of the entire pool. It does not rust, oxidize, or corrode as steel does. It holds up well against water and elements but is more expensive than steel. However, the extra cost is well worth it.

A hybrid pool is made of a combination of steel and resin. The parts that are in direct contact with water are made of resin while the supporting section is made of steel. A hybrid pool gives you the best of both worlds.

Shape of the pool

The shape may not have a significant impact on the functioning of the pool but is dependent on your personal taste. Above ground pools come in three different shapes namely circle, oval, and rectangle. You can also order a square shaped pool from the company if you so wish. Rectangular pools are ideal for those who love working out by lap swimming. The shape you choose will depend on your personal taste.

Size of the pool

The simplest way of knowing the ideal size of your above ground pool is by counting the people you expect to use the pool. If you love throwing pool parties every weekend then get a large pool. A small reasonable sized pool is perfect for a small family. Size does matter but it will depend on the number of people you expect to be using the pool regularly.

How deep do you want it to be?

Size and depth of an above ground pool depends on the model you purchase. Remember, the deeper the pool, the more water it will hold. When thinking of depth, consider the people who’ll be using the pool. If you have smaller children, consider going for a pool with shorter wall sizes but if you want to have a deep end in your pool, then go for the tallest walls.

The pool liner

The pool liner is an important consideration when purchasing an above ground swimming pool. The liner protects the walls and floor of the pool. It extends the durability of the pool by preventing damage to the pool’s interior. It doesn’t just add aesthetic value to the pool but holds the water in place. It is the liner that prevents water from leaking. Make sure to get a pool with the most reliable liner.

Pump and filter

You should also consider the pump and filter system of the pool before you make a purchasing decision. The pump and filter system is the heart of the pool. The pump circulates water inside the pool while the filter keeps the pool clean of impurities. Check the type of pump and filter the pool comes with before you buy one.

There are other essential accessories that come with an above ground pool such as chlorine tablets and pool cleaners. Ask your dealer about these extras too. More importantly, make sure the pool you buy meets your needs and requirements.


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