Summer fun for 2022 and beyond

Above Ground Swimming Pool Fun

Wow, this summer is moving pretty quick. June and July have dissipated as quickly as an ice cream bar on a 90 degree day. But never fret there are still plenty of fun things for you to plan for your little ones before fall arrives and summer is a distant memory. By the way these are completely free. Kids who reside in Denver have access to the My Denver Card, which is for students ages 5-18. Go to the My Denver Card website to easily register. This card is available for renewal each year so that you your kids can enjoy many summers to come. Here are a few activities the kids can participate in for free when using their My Denver Card:

• Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Through August 23rd the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will provide free admission to My Denver Card holders. There are many things to experience and explore so don’t miss a thing. Why would you? Your visit is complimentary.

• Denver’s 23 recreation centers and 29 pools – Free year-round access. Check out all of the participating centers and swimming pools (why don’t you read some of the best above ground pool reviews). There is no need for children to get bored with such a large variety of places to play and swim.

• Denver Libraries – The My Denver card also serves as a library card providing children access to all of the Denver Metro area libraries where they can check out books, DVD’s, and participate in various scheduled programs.

These are all great options for our kiddos as they are not only fun but educational. Summertime is the perfect time to incorporate entertainment with learning, and to keep the kids busy in a positive manner. Regular visits to the library will allow them to take journeys to different places without ever leaving the city, and will help them hone their reading skills in preparation for school. So if you would like your children to practice their swimming technique, read a few books, and learn about the world around them, you can easily do all three and without a fee. Now that’s what I call a fantastic deal.


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