Best Above Ground Pools Reviews & Accessories 2022

best above ground poolsThis time of year, anyone with just a bit of land is suffering in the heat of summer and thinking about buying their very first above ground pool for themselves or the family.

When temperatures start to rise, the refreshingly cool waters of a home pool sound very tempting. With temperatures breaking records year after year, a family pool could be a great investment in your happiness and health for years to come.

Best Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool NamePool SizePool ShapePool Weight (lbs.)
Read Review
Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool set18ft X 9ft X 52inRectangular280Read Review
Intex East-Set Pool Set15ft X 48inRound95Read Review
Intex Ultra XTR Pool Set16ft X 48inRound216Read Review
Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set14ft X 42inRound127Read Review
Bestway Power Steel above Ground Swimming Pool16ft x 10ft x 42inRectangular196Read Review
Meadows Round Above Ground Pool15-Foot-by-52-InchRound145Read Review
Intex Prism Frame Pool Set15ft X 42inRound136Read Review
Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set24ft X 12ft X 52inRectangular422Read Review
Intex Oval Frame Pool set18ft X 10ft X 42inOval130Read Review
Bestway 13429 Swimming Pool16′ x 48″Round115.96Read Review
Intex Metal Frame Pool set18ft X 48inRound195Read Review
Bestway 12752E above Ground Pool15ft x 48inRound90.7Read Review

That is just a quick reference for the best above ground pools for the money currently on the market.

There are several types of pools out there to choose from. In ground pools versus above ground pools would be the first decision to make. We are here to help you pick the best above ground pool.

In-Ground versus Above Ground Pools

In ground pools are permanent and can add value to your home, especially if you live in an area that is warm most of the year. A pool can also add visual pleasure to the landscape from inside the home, from the patio or deck, or even from the street depending on where you place it.

There are many drawbacks to in ground pools, however. The expense is the most obvious drawback, not to mention have construction crews on your property for weeks to complete the project.

After the pool is installed it requires yearly maintenance, raises your electric and water bill, and may require additional work to cover it for the winter depending on your area.

In ground pools can also be more dangerous for both children and adults, with many children drowning or suffering long lasting injuries from near-drowning accidents every year.

Many youth and adults also suffer injury from slip and fall accidents around the pool where water is standing, or by incorrectly using a diving board or slide attached to the pool.

In ground pools are easier for toddlers and pets to fall into because they are ground level.

Many states have premise liability laws, so if someone were to injure themselves or drown in your pool, even if you were not home or they were not invited, you could be liable for financial compensation for their injuries, both long term and short term.

The Benefits of Above Ground Pools

With all of the negatives to in ground pools, above ground pools have many benefits. Unlike in ground pools, above ground pools can be raised above ground level so that toddlers and pets cannot access them as easily.

They can be moved around the property or taken with you in the event of a move. You can set up an above ground pool yourself, so that you aren’t hiring construction crews to dig and build the pool.

Above ground pools also don’t require constant running water and electricity or as many chemicals throughout the year.

While above ground pools don’t necessarily add value to your home, you also aren’t stuck without a pool if you sell the property and move.

An above ground pool can be an inexpensive, easy option for anyone wanting the cool refreshment of a nice long soak or a place for the kids to play and entertain in warm weather.

Above ground pools arrive in a kit to your front door and can be installed by a team of professionals, if you choose, but may also be installed by the homeowner.

You can also build a deck around an above ground pool, making it a beautiful addition to the patio or yard.

Built in fencing and locking gates are additional options to enhance the security of your above ground pool and keep children and pets safe.

Most above ground pools come in two depth options, 48 inches or 52 inches deep, so they are not safe for diving, if that’s the main reason you are shopping for a pool.

Most above ground pools come in round or oval shapes and a variety of sizes. Some above ground pools are simply inflatable, but these usually come in only 30 inch deep options and smaller diameters.

Typically a higher end above ground pool will come with a metal frame.

There are many price options available to own an above ground pool. For only a few hundred dollars, you can invest in an inflatable or PVC sidewall pool in smaller sizes for children or for lounging.

For around one thousand dollars, you can invest in a larger, more durable pool, which can fit several large adults, allow room for floating or swimming, and last for many years more than an inflatable or PVC sidewall.

For four thousand dollars or more, you could enjoy a very durable, very large pool that may last your family for decades.

Safety & Accessory Considerations

Another thing to consider before investing in an above ground pool is the fencing requirements in your city or state.

Many localities require pool owners, whether in ground or above ground, to fence their pool properly. Because this is a legal requirement, check to see what you may need to be in compliance, as this can quickly take up a large part of the budget for your above ground pool.

Other things to consider when purchasing an above ground pool or reading above ground pool reviews would be which accessories and necessities are included with the pool.

In addition to potential fencing laws, depending on your yard, you may need several yards of sand to put underneath the ground cover or take time and finances to level the ground.

Be sure to remove any rocks or sticks, trim down the grass, till the dirt underneath, and level out the ground before laying the pool liner down in the correct spot.

Some hardy types of grass such as Bermuda and St. Augustine have been known to grow through the liner of above ground pools, so be sure to clear the area of any of these grasses before installing.

Most pool manufacturers do not cover grass issues through their warranty.

You may also need to purchase a sand filter, water pump, water hose to fill the pool, chemicals for hygiene, a ladder, ground cover, debris cover, deck, steps, and more.

We will cover these above ground cool accessories after reviewing some of the best above ground pools.

Best Above Ground Pools – our 12 picks

Let’s take a look at the best above ground pools available on the market.

Intex 18ft X 9ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set

Intex 18ft X 9ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool set

This Intex Ultra XTR pool set has all the unique and advantageous characteristics which come in an exceptionally engineered design. The overall construction assembly of the device depicts an impact of stability, durability, and versatility of the pool along with the water capacity of 4,545 Gallons.

First of all, the rust-resistant attribute of the skeleton framework has a crucial role in the lifespan and quality of this pool set. The inner and outer walls equip a powder coating along with the innovative and sturdy galvanized steel framework, which is resilient towards rust and corrosion.

The dual-suction outlet fittings and hydro-aeration mechanism of the pool set enable the water to circulate efficiently to improve the clarity and hygiene. A Krystal clear 120V sand filter pump enhances the water quality otherwise. Furthermore, there lies a secure lock system to hold the rigid framework of the pool.

The robust lining occupies the whole sides of the pool set, which makes its puncture-resistant via the 3-ply secure layer. You can easily swim and splash in the 45 inches water depth. The pool set requires no additional equipment and tools to set-up.


  • Set-up requires less than 60 minutes
  • Sturdy liner
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Debris cover with rope tie
  • Removable ladder


  • Ladder feels unsafe


Intex 15ft X 48in East-Set Pool Set

Intex 15ft X 48in East-Set Pool Set

Splash and swim during this summer season with this amazingly designed and easy to set Intex pool. This poll set comes with a ground fault interrupter that can save many of the lives by turning off the pump if the current is detected.

You can also make use of its Easy-Set operations as it’ll consume only 15 minutes to inflate and fill-up. With a huge water capacity of 3,736 Gallons, you can swim and have a pool play with your family.

This pool set also comes with a Krystal Clear filter pump that can filter the water continuously at the rate of 1000GPH for enhanced safety and hygiene. The construction assembly of this pool set employs the laminated sidewalls to prevent the leakage and the PVC material from increasing the durability as well. A drain outlet along with a long hose to drain away from the water far away from the location.

The dual-suction mechanism comes along with the outlet fittings, which enables the water circulation for improved clarity. This pool set also features the manufacturer’s limited warranty along with the parts replacement.


  • Ground cloth and debris cover included
  • Dual suction outlet fittings
  • Ready in 15 minutes
  • Prevents electrocution


  • Liner deteriorates over time


Intex 16ft X 48in Ultra XTR Pool Set

Intex 16ft X 48in Ultra XTR Pool Set

This Intex pool set has a durable and stable frame that features the top-notch quality galvanized stainless steel material in its construction. This precisely engineered framework will then develop a corrosion-resistant ability that helps you to have a longer life span of this pool set.

Moreover, the durable debris cover saves the pool set when not in use from the dust and debris in the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, there comes a 10-inches diameter tank that can fill an enormous amount of water nearly 5,061 Gallons. To improve the water quality and clarity, you can employ the Krystal Clear Sand Pump that can clean the water efficiently at a rate of 1050 Gal/hr.

The device also equips a slip-resistant ladder, which helps you to climb the pool up and have a little dive. The ladder is, however, removable, and you can store it separately. This pool set has leg end caps, which improves the stability as well as provides a firm grip on the floor. A 3-ply puncture-resistant layer adds worth to this device.


  • Durable liner
  • Leg end caps
  • 16.5 ft.  Ground cloth
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Powder coatings


  • Ladder seems narrow


Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set

The Intex Ultra Frame device features the premium quality components, which let you have a strong, durable, and versatile appearance. Not only the appearance but all the joints and the main tank have powder coatings which provide an utmost corrosion-resistant ability to this pool set. The rugged steel framework that increases the strength overall.

You can employ the Krystal Clear Sand filter pump, which can filter the pool water to ensure the safety and hygiene and lens more sparkling water in the end. Additionally, the removable ladder equips a trendy design and offers you more convenience to get into the pool.

The dual-suction mechanism has its worth significantly by improving the water circulation. Moreover, the pool set features a 3,357 Gallons of water capacity along with the durable outlet fittings to drain the pool set quickly.

The outer experience depicts a magnificent sight as the pool liner occupies the surrounding wall leaving a grey exterior. The T-joints in the whole assembly provides additional strength to the body by easily forming the connections.


  • Puncture resistant layers
  • End caps for stability
  • T-joints
  • Pool liner
  • 36-Inches depth


  • No pool covers


Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in Power Steel above Ground Swimming Pool

Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in Power Steel above Ground Swimming Pool

This Bestway above Ground Pool features a unique oval shape that appeals to most of the users. This pool set features the perfect side walls along with the bands to firmly hold and support the water inside. The pool set employs the Tritech, which can uphold a large amount of water as well as provides a corrosion-free body.

Not only this, but another top-notch quality Polyester layer adds to the Tritech material which can endure the harsh environmental conditions and depicts a contemporary appearance.

The modern lock system of the pool set fortifies the pipe connections and lets you jump and swim in the pool easily. Moreover, one of the unique features of this above ground pool is the chem-connect.

This is the chemical dispenser that can work in a similar fashion to chemical floaters but save much of the space. The durable and sturdy ground cloth is also included in the package that can ensure you of the pool cleanliness. Additional features include the easy assembly, sustainable ladder steps, and long-lasting framework.


  • Power steel frame
  • Tritech material
  • Seal and Lock system


  • Legs require support

Meadows 15-Foot-by-52-Inch Round above Ground Pool

Meadows 15-Foot-by-52-Inch Round above Ground Pool

This Meadows above Ground Pool comes along with all the advantageous characteristics to double-up the summer fun. This swimming pool includes the sturdy and boulder swirl pattern with blue rocks on the top of the water. This pattern equips a design by the North American cut style with folded ceasing and prevents wrinkling.

However, you must install the device by placing it under the sun for some time so it can stretch with ease.

This pool set requires only a one-time installation process, which then provides you with the fun all-year-round. All the components, along with the pool, come in a perfect fit style specifically for this 15’ round pool.

The exact fit style enables the device to resist the dust and corrosion. Additionally, the interlocking rails and coping strips also come along with the device for additional support. The whole surface area is occupied with sturdy and firm steel, which also has galvanized coating protection.

Also, the inner and outer surface of the walls bears a resin coating to prevent the rusting process. All the necessary components, including Luster Filter Media, sand filter, one horsepower pump, and many more, come along with the pool set.


  • Boulder swirl
  • Resin coated steel
  • Safe and secure delivery
  • All year ready


  • Only 15 days warranty


Intex 15ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

Intex 15ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

This Intex Prism Frame Pool set is durable and robust in its construction assembly. Hence, expect it to have a longer life span. This pool set equips the metal framework, which is adding further strength to the structure, and the powder coating prevents the rust formation as well. Not to forget that its steel tubing, along with the modern liner, depicts a trendy look.

One of the significant features of the pool comes in the shape of Hydro-aeration technology. This characteristic function comes along with the cartridge filter pump so that the circulation, as well as water clarity, can be improved.

This circulation at the rate of 1000G/hr enhances the number of negative ions on the surface of the water. This superior quality pool set employs the robust and puncture-resistant 3-ply layer in its finishing that provides an auxiliary strength and durability.

The pool set requires an easy set-up and offers low-maintenance. With a water capacity of 3,861 Gallons, this pool set can double-up your joy in summer. A DVD comes along with the package to guide you in assembling the pool.


  • Cartridge filter pump
  • Ground and Debris cloth included
  • 3-ply material
  • Steel tubing
  • Easy to assemble


  • Pump requires attention


Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set

This perfectly engineered Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set combines the extraordinary features along with the superior quality to yield the maximum fun. The whole body framework features the premium steel material along with the galvanized coating to enhance the supportive strength.

Moreover, the inner and outer walls have powder coatings to prevent rust and corrosion for an increased life span.

The pool set includes a 120V sand filter pump with a pump flow rate of 2,100 Gallons per hour to improve the hygiene and clarity of the water. A secure lock system increases the strength of the pool framework by firmly holding the joints. Hydro-aeration mechanism and the dual suction fittings add worth to this pool set.

Another exclusive characteristic of the product is the high-impact ladder, which has slip-resistant steps and a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This pool set package also comprises of the debris and ground cloth, which can save your pool from dust. This pool set supports a colossal water content with a capacity of 8,403 Gallons.


  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Ready in less than 60 minutes
  • Huge water capacity
  • Dual suction outlet fittings


  • Need to level the ground first


Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool set

Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool set

This Intex Oval Frame Pool Set has finished its structure by employing durable and robust raw material, including steel frames. These steel frames have an added strength of powder coating, which further saves it from corrosion and rust.

The shape of the pool set is oval, which benefits you in the way as it can fit your backyard or any other place which requires a small pool. You can also connect the Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump, which comes with the device and takes control of the filtration as well as hygiene by purifying the water at the rate of 1000GPH.

You’ll experience a full clear and refreshing water once it gets through the cartridge filter.

The device has an easy set-up feature that lets you swim in the pool within 30 minutes of your start-up. The package includes the debris cover with rope ties to avoid slippage by the wind.

The sidewalls of this pool set equip the hard PVC material to provide additional strength. A convenient drain plug offers natural drainage as well.


  • Cartridge filter pump
  • DVD instructions to set-up
  • Tough laminated walls
  • Debris cover included


  • Flimsy ladder


Bestway 16′ x 48″ Swimming Pool

Bestway 16' x 48" Swimming Pool

This Bestway device is all set to provide you with the highly constructed pool set to enjoy the summer season in winter. This pool set features the hard-wearing Tritech material in its construction along with the durable steel frame, which gives it a matchless sturdiness.

Super-strong steel tubing adds more strength and maintains the shape of this pool set. Both these attributes provide the ultimate power and capability of holding a considerable weight. The metal frame has a specialized coating on the surface that makes it corrosion resistant and extends the life span of the pool set.

The device comes in an all-ready condition and requires very little assemblage. Also, you don’t need any additional tools to carry out the assembling. There are also convenient drain valves that can drain the water quickly with the help of the hose pipe.

The device also equips a unique technological feature named as Chemconnect. This chemical dispenser uses less space and offers the same task as the chemical floaters do. The seal and lock system supports each joint to maintain the pool shape. The antimicrobial cartridges offer refreshing water for summer fun.


  • Anti-microbial cartridges
  • Tri-tech material
  • Top-notch steel frames


  • A little expensive


Intex 18ft X 48in Metal Frame Pool set

Intex 18ft X 48in Metal Frame Pool set

This Intex Pool set features the superior quality metal frameset, as mentioned from the name. The pool equips the durable and sturdy steel frame along with the powder coating that supports rust resistance ability.

The pool set can easily fit in your backyard as it equips the sleek and compact design. Triple-layered and fully laminated inner and outer walls provide a reinforced strength and safety to the pool.

It also holds the frame legs in place so that you can easily jump and swim. The device also has the Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump with a flow rate of 1,500 GPH to deliver you the crystal clear clean water.

Dual- suction fittings are there to enhance the water circulation for more clear water content. The package includes the DVD instructional manual for a convenient set-up. The water hose outlet pipe is available to drain-out the water with ease. This pool set also supports easy assemblage and requires less than 60 minutes.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Dual-suction outlet fittings
  • Convenient drain plugs
  • Cartridge filter pump


  • Long time to fill-up


Bestway 12752E 15ft x 48in Above Ground Pool

Bestway 12752E 15ft x 48in Above Ground Pool

The Bestway above Ground Pool is convenient and affordable as it features the Pro Steel frame design. This pool set is cheap compared to the other steel-walled pools and offers more durability and stability characteristics.

Speaking of the frame construction, it is equipped with steel walls and occupies a corrosion-resistant coating to provide enhanced protection and yield a longer life span. Also, it can prevent damage from abrasion and UV rays of the sun.

Moreover, a 3-layer construction equips the PVC material for added stability and sturdiness. This PVC material not only serves as an integral unit but also maintains the tear-resistant ability of the pool. This 15’ pool system also equips the T-shaped connector joints and C-shaped clips to hold the pool framework.

This Bestway pool set requires no complex assemblage and requires no additional tool to do so.

There are no more chemical floaters you need to employ as this pool set comes with the Chemconnect technology that catches the attention of many users. Additionally, all the fittings and necessary equipment have the lock and seal capability to fit firmly.


  • Easy assemblage
  • Premium steel framework
  • 3-ply PVC material
  • Connectors and clips


  • Covers are not good

Comparison Chart



Essential Above Ground Pool Accessories

As you may have noticed, many of the above ground pool reviews we have covered mention needing to upgrade or replace included accessories, if they are included at all.

Other accessories that are never included with an above ground pool would be vacuums, heaters, and lights.

Best Pool Ladders & Steps Reviews

An essential component for any above ground pool is a method of entering the pool! With some above ground pools reaching 55” high, even grown adults won’t be able to enter the pool without a ladder or step system.

Many pools include a ladder with the pool set, but these ladders may be made of cheap materials and bend of break easily, leading to injury.

Pool ladders are an easy option for most swimmers, though small children, elderly adults, or the disabled may have an easier time with a pool step system.

Ensure the ladder or step system you purchase is made out of durable material, can hold the weight of a large adult, and has nonskid surface material to protect against slips or falls.

Best Pool Covers Reviews

Pool covers are a very essential component for the safety and durability of your above ground pool. Most sets will include a cover, though they may be made out of inexpensive materials.

Another thing to consider on a pool cover is the color. If you live in an area with cooler temperatures, a black pool cover and raise the temperature of the water quickly.

If you live in an area already very warm, you may want a light colored pool cover so that the water does not get too warm.

Pool Lighting Systems

Above ground pool lights are a great accessory to have in your pool. You may find floating lights, magnetic wall lights, or an installed underwater pool light can all suit different needs.

Floating lights provide inexpensive lighting for both safety as well as entertainment. These are usually solar powered which can be much safer in a wet environment such as a pool.

Magnetic lights are another option for above ground pool lighting. These lights are usually made with LED bulbs with two magnetic pieces connecting together, one on the outside of the pool wall and one on the inside.

These produce light equal to a 50 watt halogen light bulb.

Even more fun, there are plenty of options for floating light shows, pool fountains with lights, and even floating Bluetooth water resistant speakers that connect to a lightshow for use in the pool at night.

Pool Skimmers

Above ground pool skimmers are similar in function to a gutter in a large in ground swimming pool: they help clean the water by skimming the surface and capturing floating debris such as leaves, flower petals, sticks, insects, and residue from sunblock or insect repellant before the oils sink to the pool’s bottom.

Due to the thin walls of most above ground pools, floating pool skimmers are most often used, though skimmers that attach to the pool’s edge may also be found.

Skimmer baskets may need daily cleaning to ensure proper functionality and longevity.

Pool Salt Water Chlorinator

Using chemicals in your pool can be costly: the average pool owner can spend a few hundred dollars per year on costly chemicals to maintain hygienic and clear water.

Salt chlorine generators can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, however, pool owners with these systems spend a lot less per year on cleaning chemicals.

If you’re planning on your above ground pool being a long term investment, it could behoove you to invest in a salt water chlorinator as well.

Salt water pools also make for a very low maintenance ownership. The system products natural chlorine which consistently feeds the water the required amount of chlorine for natural clarity and cleanliness.

For pool owners that travel frequently or do not want to spend the time or physical energy to maintain chemical balance, salt water chlorinators can be a great addition.

Pool Thermometers

If you live in a warm environment and your pool receives full sun or has a black pool cover, the water temperature may rise to an uncomfortable weather or burn swimmers.

Pool thermometers are an inexpensive safety upgrade to any pool. Pool thermometers are great not just for safety reasons, but comfort reasons.

Knowing what temperature the water is before getting in (and having your system shocked by freezing temperatures?) makes the experience so much more enjoyable for all swimmers.

Digital pool thermometers sell for around very cheap and can be placed in a skimmer basket. Point and shoot laser infrared thermometers are selling cheap too, but you simply aim the device at the water, hit the trigger, and get the temperature right in your hand.

Floating thermometers may float to the center of the pool, where you cannot read them before entering the water.

One of the handiest pool thermometer options is the Swimming Pool SPA Floating Thermometer. A two piece system, the thermometer itself is placed in the water and the display can be placed in the home so that parents know the temperature of the pool before allowing children or pets to enter the water.

The Swimming Pool SPA Floating Thermometer also has convenient frost warning features if the temperature drops below 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pool Pumps

The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system, and is an absolute must for any pool owner.

The pool pump pulls water through the skimmer system, pushing it through the filter and returning to the pool.

Without this part, the pool cleaning system would be non-functional, therefore, proper cleaning and maintenance schedules are mandatory.

Pool pumps vary in price and go go up to a few hundred of dollars for above ground pool systems, with two key elements determining what pool pump is necessary for your system: Flow rate and head.

Flow rate refers to how much water can be moved in an amount of time and is measured by gallons per minute (GPM).

Head refers to the amount of resistance to flow that exists in your current plumbing system and is measured by feet of resistance or feet of head.

Once you have calculated these two measurements, you are ready to choose a pool pump.

Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters are not necessary, but are a nice edition to pools in cooler climates and extend the swimming season. All pool owners want to extend the swimming season when temperatures start to drop and the thought of being stuck inside creeps in!

In some climates, the swimming season may only last a couple of months naturally. By adding a pool heater, you can enjoy your new above ground pool for much longer each year.

There are many different ways to heat your pool. Solar covers are easy and cost effective—they heat up during the day and retain warmth throughout the night.

Gas heaters are the best way to quickly raise temperatures in your pool, though they may not be safe depending on the type of material used for your above ground pool.

Solar heaters are a similar product, just using solar energy instead of gas fuel. Heat pumps work by gathering warm air and using it to heat the water.

Finally, solar heaters specifically designed for above ground pools are the safest option for many types of materials, are low cost and energy efficient.

Pool Vacuums

There are many different types of pool vacuums for use in an above ground pool. While a debris cover will keep out damage when in place, a pool vacuum with take care of any debris blown in while coverless that has settled at the bottom of the pool.

Above ground pool vacuums also keep your pool from growing algae on the pool walls and floor. Cloudy pool water is a sure sign that a vacuum is needed.

Pool vacuums can cost anywhere from a hundred to couple of thousand dollars depending on the features, size of your pool, and frequency of needed use.

Manual pool vacuums consist of a vacuum head, hose, and pole. The pole allows you to hold on to the vacuum and use it in the way you would a vacuum in your home, using only when needed.

This of course is the most inexpensive option in the world of pool vacuums.

Automatic pool vacuums can save time (and sore shoulder muscles) by cleaning the pool solely on their own with no manual labor needed.

In this family, there are pressure-side automatic pool vacuums, powered by water pressure and skimming the surface debris into a separate bag (great for large debris but not for dirt or sand), suction-side pool vacuums, which connect to an existing pump and filter system, or robotic pool vacuums, which are the most expensive but great for both large and small debris and run with no human interaction needed.

As you can see, becoming a proud pool owner requires much research and thoughtful decision making before you can take the leap.

The quality, size, and features of above ground pools vary drastically, as does price. You must also consider into the budget fencing, warning signage, decks, ladders, steps, covers, landscaping, filtration and cleaning systems, and many more accessories.

We hope these above ground pool reviews have helped teach you some of the basics and assist in your decision to buy your next above ground pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place it on a slightly sloped surface?

No. It wouldn’t work. You need to have it placed on a flat surface or the water level won’t get even.

How to secure and store pool sets during winters?

Most of the pool sets come with hose plugs. So, when you want to put the pool away, plug these into the hose holes, drain the water and keep it somewhere that doesn’t have sharp edges. As for the pump, you can store it away too.

Can I place a pool set in my basement?

It could turn out bad in terms of safety and aesthetics. If you really want to keep it indoors, then we suggest that you have an open basement. Moreover, you can try shower curtains and create privacy as well.


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