Best Above Ground Pool Lights 2022

This time of year, people everywhere are clamoring for last minute sales and discounts on above ground pools and above ground pool accessories such as above ground pool lights or ladders.

As temperatures rise, we remember how dreadful summer temperatures can be, and long for a relaxing escape from the heat and humidity of the warmest time of year.

One fun way to add to the experience of a home pool system is the addition of above ground pool lights – available in all shapes and sizes, from strictly functional to strictly fun for the whole family.

Best Above Ground Pool Lights

Above ground pool lights come in all sorts of options – from floating lights to magnetic mounted lights, from underwater lights to fountain and light systems, the internet provides us a plethora of options for lighting our favorite accessory of the summer – our pools!

12pcs Firefly Waterproof Floating LED Lights

floatable above ground pool light

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This amazing twelve piece set of lights are gorgeous, LED lit clear dragonflies sitting on beautiful lotus flowers that float over the surface of the water in your pool.

There are seven colors that change automatically and the lights are waterproof and durable. Each floating light uses 2 batteries – one battery charge lasts for over one hundred hours of use!

Because the material the light is made out of is more foam than a hard plastic, water is not absorbed and should not leak into the unit.


  • Gorgeous display unlike anything your neighbors will have!
  • Twelve piece set covers wide area in larger capacity pools
  • Waterproof and LED bulbs ensure long life


  • Shipping may take two weeks to reach you
  • Batteries will need replaced after 100 hours of use

Game Waterproof Magnetic LED Pool Wall Light

above ground pool wall light

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Above ground pool lights are one of those accessories that can actually be fun to shop around for.

While above ground pool lights may be strictly functional, there are options out there that can totally change your experience – especially if you like to swim or entertain at night!

These waterproof, submersible, color changing lights are one of the most fun options on the market.

The remote control offers 16 color modes and 4 color changing options. The unit is easily attached to the steel wall of your above ground pool with only a magnet, no tools or wiring required.

Simply add 3 AA batteries and you are ready for great new ambiance in your pool. You can also easily remove the unit and use it in a variety of other areas, such as camping sites, patio umbrellas, use it as a night light and anything else you can think of!

The light does not travel very far from the unit, so more than one unit is suggested for larger pools. You could also let the light float face down in the water as opposed to attaching it to a wall.


  • Remote control for operation anywhere inside the pool or from a nearby patio
  • 16 color modes and 4 color changing options to choose from
  • Inexpensive fun light that can work independently or as part of a group


  • More than one light may be needed for lighting large pools
  • Water may leak through seams in plastic
  • Batteries must be replaced frequently

Intex 110-120V LED Pool Wall Light

intex pool wall light

Without many customization options, the Intex 110-120V LED Pool Wall Light is a simple addition to any above ground pool lights system for a very reasonable price.

Mounted on a magnet, this above ground pool light mounts to the side wall and must be plugged into electricity from the outside half of the two sided system to work, restricting the light to a primarily fixed location.

The LED bulb delivers more brightness than a 50 watt halogen light bulb, illuminating the water well from any point of the pool, easily lighting a 24 foot by 52 foot pool for night use.


  • Bright LED light covers wide area of pool
  • Designed to float if the light becomes dislodged from the wall
  • Low energy use


  • Requires electricity as opposed to batteries, restriction location options
  • No way to turn light on or off from inside the pool, must unplug light when not in use
  • May leak water through plastic seams

ZhiZhu Underwater LED Disco Light

above ground pool lights

ZhiZhu has created one of the most fun above ground pool lights on the market for cheap! This floating disco ball is an inexpensive and effective method for adding aesthetically pleasing lights to your above ground pool.

The visually stunning blend of 5 colored LED lights, as well as 5 different choices in lighting patterns, breaks up monotony by offering many options for your entertainment and enjoyment.

You’ll never tire of only one light show pattern or color again! The patterns project 360 degrees around the disco ball, covering the walls, floor, and water with brilliant colors.

An easy ON/OFF function allows you to easily turn the light off from inside the pool. Press the button once to turn the unit on, then press again to choose light patterns.


  • Gorgeous display of 5 colors in 5 different patterns
  • Wireless for floating fun
  • On/Off switch to easily operate from the pool


  • Requires 3 AAA batteries not included
  • May leak if submerged in water
  • More than one may be required for larger capacity above ground pools

Game Solar Underwater Light for Pools

underwater pool light

Another fun display of lights and colors can be found in the Game Solar Underwater Light Show for cheap.

As opposed to requiring AA or AAA batteries, this unit has rechargeable batteries included that charge in full sun or on cloudy days. It has a 6 to 8 hour run time fully charged on solar power.

It also boasts of no leaking, unlike some other floating above ground pool lights. It can also be hung from above for a disco ball effect.

It does have an ON/OFF switch so it will not turn out automatically when solar rays set for the day.

10 multicolored LED bulbs display a patterned light show across the pool floor and sidewalls great for evening entertainment or relaxation.

The lighting pattern covers an area of about 10 feet, so multiple units may be necessary for larger pools.


  • No batteries or electric chord required – rechargeable via solar power
  • Floating light displays pattern around walls and floor of pool
  • No leaks through seams


  • Will not be noticeable if bright lights nearby
  • No option to change pattern display
  • May require more than one unit to properly light larger pools

AquaLife Magnetic Waterproof LED Lights

above ground pool lights pair

You can’t beat this two-pack above ground pool lights package! The waterproof lights mount magnetically to either vinyl or steel sided above ground pools and 13 bright LED bulbs light up your pool and provide brilliant ambience.

Each light requires three AA batteries, which are not included with the product. There are two lighting options, low and high, with the button right on the device so that you can easily configure from inside the pool.

Press once to turn the light on to the lowest setting, twice to go up to the high setting and a third time to turn the device off.

The package also comes with a remote control for easy operation from anywhere in the vicinity of the pool lights.


  • Easy to install
  • Requires no electric currant to operate
  • Remote control allows operation from vicinity of pool


  • Remote control known to have a weak, small range
  • Product may become waterlogged after extended use

Rainbow Above Ground Pool Lights & Fountain

rainbow above ground pool light

Anyone who has traveled to Las Vegas will remember the famous lighted water fountains, putting on dazzling shows for viewers every night on the popular strip of hotels and casinos.

The LED lights change color automatically (red, blue, and green available) while the water from your filtration system provides the energy needed to make the water run, thereby allowing this light to run without batteries or electricity.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and refreshing display mixing light and water
  • No need for batteries or electricity


  • May result in loss of water pressure for filtration system
  • Meant for entertainment, not functionally bright lighting

LED Above Ground Pool Light with Remote Control

dimmable above ground pool light

Sometimes you would rather pay for quality than entertainment, which is where the LE Dimmable RBG LED Above Ground Pool Light comes in.

On the cheaper end including free shipping, this light system includes a remote control for operation from anywhere in or outside of the pool and is dimmable for the ultimate control in ambience.

There are 12 modes to choose from: 7 static, unchanging patterns and 5 dynamic, changing modes. The system is waterproof and offers a 65 foot range for remote control operation.

These lights also have a memory so that if you turn them off and back on, they will automatically turn on to the setting you had chosen during the last use.

They do require a wired connection and does not include a white light setting.


  • Remote control allows operation from within 65 feet of the unit
  • 12 different lighting modes to choose from
  • Waterproof


  • Requires a wire housing, cannot be placed directly in pool free-floating
  • Cannot change colors offered (red, green, blue)

Above Ground Pool Light with Bluetooth Speaker

above ground pool lights with speaker

What’s more fun than a light show in your pool? A light and music show, of course, and this product has both for a very reasonable price!

The light/speaker combination floats in any pool and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 6 hours with light and sound.

The Bluetooth range is approximately 60 feet – plenty for listening to music while keeping your phone or mp3 player a safe distance away from any splashes.


  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or music device
  • Waterproof for long term use in any above ground pool
  • Range of 60 feet for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery: no additional parts needed and no electric current


  • As with many devices, water may eventually leak through seams
  • More than one light may be needed for large pool setups

There are so many options for above ground pool lights, it would be impossible to find reviews on all of them.

Besides what we have mentioned here, you could also use large flood lights to light the pool from above, though this will attract bugs, or solar lights around the pool to light without using electricity.

Just as most swimmers want to extend the swimming season by weeks or months every year, you’ll want to extend your swim time into the night as well.

Night time swimming is an entirely different experience, and oftentimes much cooler than swimming during the day.

You won’t get sunburned swimming at night or deal with a lot of sweat and oily sun repellants getting into the pool water.

Night swimming has many advantages, other than limited vision without an above ground pool lights system!

With not much of an investment and just a little time, you can easily install one or more pool lights to increase your swim time into the night and months with shorter days will no longer inhibit your favorite summer activity!

In-ground pools often have more lighting options for bright, white, industrial night lighting, but these pools can be much more expensive and time consuming to install and maintain, not to mention you can’t take the pool with you when you move!

With a little bit of time and research, you can add so much ambience and entertainment to any above ground pool.

There are so many options out there, this is an easy way to showcase your fun personality to any guests using your pool, especially if you add music and great food and drink to the evening!

Above ground pool lights are not only great for added fun; they also add another level of security to your above ground pool.

With the proper pool lights, you can ensure no unauthorized access to the pool at night, keep an eye on children and youth playing around the pool at night, or if swimming in the pool at night, you can easily keep an eye open for any debris, insects, amphibians, or reptiles that may be attracted to the water that are more active at night.

Trespassers are less likely to “pool crash” a pool with adequate lighting as they know they can be easily seen in your pool from the windows of the house.

Teens may be less likely to sneak in friends or classmates if your pool has a well-functioning pool light system.

Besides all of this, the right above ground pool lights can simply enhance the space visually and offer an attractive point of focus from any windows or streets facing the yard.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Above Ground Pool Lights

Important things to keep in mind when shopping for above ground pool lights: Do they require batteries? Are there seams that may leak water into the unit?

Are you limited as to where they can be mounted due to needing an electric chord to plug them in? Are you interested in bright, white, functional lights or color and pattern changing disco lights for entertainment?

Will you need more than one unit to light the entire pool, and can the units be turned off from inside the pool if requested?

Are any additional parts needed to make the unit functional, such as a wired housing or batteries for each unit?

What are your lighting goals?

Perhaps more than one above ground pool light set will suit your needs at different times. Can the units be run at the same time if necessary?

There are many questions to ask but the process of choosing your above ground pool lights does not have to be overwhelming or scientific.

Consider the space and visualize each option to decide what you like the most. Many stores may let you try them out in store, or many e-commerce websites may offer pictures and videos of the light display so that you can get a real idea of what to expect out of the pool lights.

Finally, with water lights, remember that the water used for display will inevitably change the water pressure going through your pool pump and filter system, and may need to be uninstalled for proper care and maintenance.

Armed with all of this knowledge and some of the best above ground pool light system reviews, you should be able to easily commit to the best above ground pool light system for your pool setup. And hey, most options are so inexpensive; you can afford to change them every month!


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