Best Above Ground Pool Heater Reviews 2022

With summer quickly approaching, individuals and families everywhere are considering becoming first time above ground pool owners. One of the key components to above ground pools is, surprisingly, an above ground pool heater or even pool ladders.

Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

Pool Heater NamePool Heater WeightPool Heater DimensionPriceReviewWhere to buy?
Hayward CSPAXI11 Heater12.2 pounds8.3 x 12 inches$$$$Read ReviewBuy here
FibroPool FH12074 pounds25 x 20 x 10 inches$$$$Read ReviewBuy here
Hayward H150FDP Pool & Spa Heater121.2 pounds28 x 32 x 30 inches$$$$Read ReviewBuy here
Sta-Rite SR400LP Pool heater138 pounds-$$$$Read ReviewBuy here
SmartPool S240U Heater18 pounds240 x 27.5 x 16 inches$$$Read ReviewBuy here

That is just a quick reference for the best above ground pool heaters for the money currently on the market.

While pool owners in warm climates may think of above ground pool heaters as unnecessary, pool heaters can extend the swimming season and provide comfortable relaxation throughout the year in any number of locations and climates.

In cooler climates with only a couple of months of swimming weather, pool heaters are an absolute must for extending the swimming season.

If the thought of swimming season coming to a close and shutting down the pool for the winter makes you a little sad or anxious, a pool heater could be a great edition to your leisure time.

With the proper equipment, you can extend the swimming season weeks or even months into the late fall, or get into the pool quicker by warming the water up in early spring.

Above Ground Pool Heater Types

There are many different methods to heating your pool, both natural and electric.

Gas Heaters

Perhaps the best, but most expensive, way to warm your pool, gas heaters raise water temperatures quickly. Natural gas heaters are reliable, safe, and efficient.

Most natural gas heaters connect directly to your home’s existing gas line and are simple to install and use. Propane pool heaters, conversely, do not have to be hooked up to the existing propane line and are self-sufficient and easy to install.

Digital propane pool heaters run automatically after you set your desired water temperature, just like a thermostat in your home heating and air system.

There are less expensive manual options that will work just as efficiently with a bit more interaction from the owner. Both natural gas and propane gas pool heaters run about the same for the unit itself.

Solar Heaters

For those eco-conscious and fiscally conservative pool owners, solar heaters use solar energy to warm the pool waters instead of gas.

Solar technology is not popular in many parts of the world, so it can seem like an illogical option to many users.

However, this is a great way to cut down on your effect on the Earth, not to mention save big money on utility bills month to month.

So, how do solar heaters work? Let’s review the technology for any above ground pool owner considering the option of a solar heater but unfamiliar with solar powered technology.

Pool water is pumped through your above ground pool’s filter system and passed through a solar hot water collector – a thin, flat box usually mounted on a roof or wooden mounting rack.

The collectors absorb the sun’s solar rays to heat the water running through the unit. Unlike solar panels, which convert the sun’s rays into electricity, solar pool heaters use the sun’s rays directly, heating up the water in only one step.

One very cool thing about solar heaters is that they can be used to cool down water in hot climates by running the system at night!

There are several different types of solar heaters, so determine the best option for your pool setup by knowing the differences between the different solar heaters.

“Unglazed” collector systems are generally less expensive, because they don’t have glass coverings, instead using rubber or plastic parts.

These units are absolutely fine for use in warmer climates. If you plan, however, to use a solar heater in temperatures below freezing, you’ll want to consider the more expensive glass glazed setups.

Solar heating systems can be one of the most price effective methods of heating your above ground pool, because most of the components of the system are already installed in your pool – a pool pump and filter system, primarily.

The solar heater is simply installed in the line of this existing setup. Size is another factor to consider, as you will need increased size collectors for your solar heater depending on the size of your above ground pool.

Solar covers can be used in addition to a solar heater to retain heat at night, making the solar heater more effective by preventing loss of heat through the surface of the pool.

The best place for your solar collector would be on the roof of your home, facing south for maximum collection of sun rays, however, it is not an absolute requirement to mount the panels to the roof if you receive maximum sunlight in another area of the yard closer to the pool.

You can also build a wooden mounting rack to get the panel up off of the ground. Let’s review some options for solar heaters.

For solar heaters to work with maximum efficiency, they should be receiving direct sunlight between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Above Ground Pool Heater Reviews

Hayward CSPAXI11 Spa Heater

Hayward CSPAXI11 Spa Heater

One of the best heaters for above ground pools is the Hayward Spa Heater. This best heater device equips the perfect features or attributes that you can imagine in a pool heater twice of its size.

Hayward heater requires much lower energy compared to other heaters and is now the best heater for above ground pools in the market. This above ground pool heater can raise the water temperature to 5-degrees Fahrenheit within 60 minutes. You can heat the whole pool water within 3 to 4 hours, depending on the water capacity of the pool. For an improved functioning, the device has number 6 wire with a 60 amp breaker for a safe electricity transfer.

This top-rated Hayward CSPAXI11 heater can heat your pool with a size of 1000 to 2500 Gallons and has the perfect heating efficiency. There come the indicator lights on the radiator, which display the current working status. This above ground pool heater equips the ideal 304 stainless steel material in the manufacturing of its tanks for a prolonged life span.

The threaded head, along with a sensitive heating element, adds worth to the device. Another unique feature is the integrated sensors of the pool heater, which ensures a safe heating phenomenon.

Maintenance and service is no longer a problem using this best above ground pool heater. This heater gives easy access to the service maintainers that can ease the periodic cleaning process of the pool heater. The control panel is simple in its functioning for easy controlling.


  • Indicator lights
  • 304 Stainless steel material
  • Easy maintenance design


  • Risk of burning when not shut-down

FibroPool FH120 above Ground Swimming Pool

FibroPool FH120 above Ground Swimming Pool

Enjoy the perfect swimming session using this one of the best above ground pool heaters. You’ll experience the ideal output of 20,000 BTU power, which will provide you the extraordinary heating ability.

The device equips the perfect dimensions along with the sleek and compact design to deliver you the unlimited placement options. The weatherproof design and a sturdy outer case will let you place this right heater wherever you want. Also, another convenient feature is the side controls.

You can fit this heater device in the small casings or standard fittings available in the market, which reduces the time of installation and lets you have stress-free controls and make this device a perfect alternative for the money.

This top-rated above ground pool heater also features the eco-friendly design, which can provide you with pollution-free gas-powered heat pumps. This clean-electricity powered heater has the precisely designed heating phenomenon, which can offer you more heating via less power consumption. This is one of the best heaters for above ground pools as it can fulfill your optimum temperature needs by maintaining 40-degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

A convenient control panel provides you with easy and quick access to the adjustments. You can also have an extended control unit, which enables you to control all the features from a distance. This heater is right for the money overall as it can provide you longer life span via the perfect enamel coating to endure the environmental hardships.


  • Steel chassis
  • 8 feet long power cable
  • GFCI protection outlet


  • Expensive as compared to the size

Hayward H150FDP Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward H150FDP Pool and Spa Heater

This Hayward H150FDP pool heater is one of the best above ground pool heater devices as it features the sturdy material of construction to have a prolonged life span. Also, its efficiency leads it towards one of the top-rated devices.

It uses a standard Cupro Nickel heat transfer mechanism that increases the heat transfer capability of the equipment and improves the reliability to a greater extent.

Another unique feature of this best device is its polymer header. The in-built polymer header improves the water circulation as well to ensure even heating process. Also, the bypass valve design increases the hydraulic efficiency of this heater so that it can warm a large area of the pool within a few hours.

As mentioned in the name, the BTU range of this powerful above ground pool heater is 150000, which provides the maximum output of the propane fuel.

Next in the list is the easy installation process. This heater unit is professional as well as easy to use. You can employ the device anywhere near your above ground pool and also use it for spa heating.

The full LED control panel is adding more convenience to this heater as you can adjust the measurements via one touch. The working capability is dual, i.e. it can work on fuel as well on electricity. The internal component comprises the Silicon Nitride Igniters which can improve the ignition process and reduce heat dissipation.

Easy maintenance and eco-friendly design are the other plus points for this Hayward H150FDP pool heater which makes it the best heater for above ground pool.


  • No NOx elimination
  • Improved hydraulic efficiency
  • Universal design


  • Fuel is costly

Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-therm Pool heater

Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-therm Pool heater

Sta-Rite SR400LP best pool heater comes along with the popular features that can assist you in various ways. First of all, this heater device features the sleek and compact design, which lets you enjoy the secure placement of this above ground pool heater.

On the other hand, this compact design helps you to place the device in a sturdy housing compartment, which can reduce the risk of damage as well as makes it dust-resistant. The housing employs hard Dura-Glass material, which can endure high pressure and heat as well.

Also, the case is rust-resistant as well, which can bear the harshness of the weather as well.

Another unique feature that makes this above ground pool heater a good heater device for the money is the light-weight attribute. Compactness and light in weight ability lower the cost of setting up the device as well as enhance the retro-fit installation. The E-therm mechanism improves the working efficiency and lets you achieve 84% of the output.

The device works best in both indoor as well as outdoor environments. The device also equips the best quality thermostat controls, which can adjust the temperature values efficiently via the 6-position control panel.

The LED read-out screen is providing you with a clear and sharp display along with a safety temperature lockout feature. The media filters of this best quality above ground pool heater can fit the other devices with ease.


  • PVC connections
  • Dual Thermostat controls
  • Retrofit


  • Bad customer service

SmartPool S240U Universal Heater

SmartPool S240U Universal Heater

This is one of the top-rated above ground pool heaters as it features the technologically advanced features. First of all, the polypropylene heat collector plays a crucial role in the circulation of water, which keeps it hygienic as well as ensures clarity.

There are two elbow adapters for the perfect power transferability. You’ll experience an easy control and a simple, minimalistic design. This top-rated pool heater is featuring the ideal power heating to provide you a noticeable increase in the temperature even in a large pool.

You can have the four to five weeks extension in your swimming pool season using this useful pool heater device for the money.

This heater is one of the best above ground pool heaters as it equips the sturdy components. The package includes all the necessary information regarding the construction and assemblage. You’ll receive a rubber connector, finely-made hose, Teflon tape to avoid any misconnection, four strong clamps which employ stainless steel material in manufacturing, and a solar pill.

You don’t need to buy any extra accessories to fit this best pool heater. Also, another unique attribute that attracts the attention of many swimmers is the dual functionality of this pool heater that provides the best substitute for the money.

You can employ this best heater device for the money as it can warm the water in both the above-ground and in-ground pools. This attribute can save your money as you don’t need to employ separate devices.


  • East installation
  • All accessories included
  • Direct flow system


  • Non-ideal for large pools

There are many methods and products available to heat your above ground pool. Factors to consider are pool size, sunlight received, increased utility expenses, and convenience.

We hope with a basic foundation of pool heating knowledge and some of the best above ground pool heater reviews, you can choose the best pool heater for your family and enjoy your pool for a much longer season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What size of above ground heater do I need?

The answer to this question relates directly to the size as well as the location of the above ground pool. The large pool will require more heat and a high BTU above ground pool heater and vice versa.

How long can the above ground pool heater last?

The above ground pool heaters are rust and corrosion resistant due to the coatings and housings that come along with the heaters. However, the average lifespan of most of the devices is 15 to 20 years depending upon the usage and durability of the construction.

How fast is the heating process of above ground pool heaters?

This characteristic depends upon the fuel efficiency as well as the BTU power of the heater. However, typically 20 degrees Fahrenheit increase in temperature can be seen in a few hours.


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